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tv   KTVU News at 7pm on TV36  KICU  February 25, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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allowed, but neighbors say dogs run wild and no one is around to enforce it. ktvu channel 2 news at 7:00 is next. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 7:00. >> it won't end the drought, but rain is on the way. good evening. i'm gasia mikaelian. we're back on storm watch tonight as a round of much-needed rain moves toward the bay area. these pictures are from 90 minutes ago. before dark you can see clouds gathering. the rain is expected to arrive in the morning. meteorologist rosemary is in our weather center tracking that storm. >> gasia, for most of us the transition began today. it was a lot cooler out there, cloudier. a little breezy. you could see mostly cloudy skies. storm tracker 2 showing you that over the bay area. i back it up here. we have the storm in site. it will be with us for tomorrow.
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i want to give you a quick timeline here. as we get going tomorrow morning, we're mainly dry. perhaps a little bit of drizzle with rain still offshore. by 8:00, 9:00 or so it's moving into north bay as well as the central bay. we'll deal with hit or miss showers for most of the morning and first half of the afternoon. by 2:00 or so notice it begins to pick up, and look what is in store for the evening drive home. it is going to be wet. it is going to be windy in some areas. it is going to be messy. the showers will continue into the overnight hours. thursday morning, the showers do continue before they finally taper off so that is storm no. 1. we will have sierra snow. i'll talk about how much snow, how often rain and how long it is going to rain coming up. gasia. rain in the forecast is welcome news for water managers, but concerns about water supplies in this drought remain. at this hour, the santa clara valley water district is discussing a plan to ask customers to cut water use by 20%. the district approved a 10% reduction last month. the water district sells water to 13 large providers who in
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turn serve 1.8 million customers. it's up to those providers to decide how to meet conservation goals. and the same technology nasa uses to view fires from space without the use to assess california's drought. it's part of a new partnership between nasa and state department of water resources announced today. nasa says data provide bid the sat liets help water officials better assess the snow pack and ground water levels and predict storments. for some bay area residents it's time to roll out the barrel. ahead in 15 minutes, people capturing the rain to stretch supplies in the drought. prosecutors today confirmed child abuse and neglect played key roles in the recent death of a three-year-old girl from napa. ktvu's eric rasmussen has been looking into kaylee slusher's death now. >> almost a month after police found kaylee slusher dead, the napa toddler's mother, sarah krueger was in tears in court as she pleaded not guilty to killing her little girl.
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a judge denied ktvu's request to record the hearing. krueger's boyfriend also pleaded not guilty to murdering three-year-old kaylee some time around the end of january. the napa county coroner confirmed officer's conclusions that kaylee died from blunt force trauma. as 2 investigates reported, mrigs visited the girl's apartment in napa twice in the days leading up to her death but found no signs kaylee was in danger. >> our family is grieving. >> after court, family members declined to comment except for sarah krueger's father. he claims his daughter was manipulated by her boyfriend. today he lashed out at the media. >> you people have brutalized this case, hung my daughter and tried her before anything has ever happened so you know what, go away. >> now, prosecutors have subpoenaed medical records from two hospitals including queen of the valley medical center in napa. officials there won't say if the records show a pattern of abuse but confirm they do belong to kaylee slusher. >> to this point, napa county
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child welfare services declined to share any information about what contact it might have had with kaylee slusher before she was killed. both krueger and warner are expected to be back here in court next month. in napa, eric rasmussen ktvu channel 2 news. >> at you'll find more coverage of this case including a 2 investigates report documents warner's past domestic problems. an arson task force was called to the scene of a fire in san jose today where a person was found dead inside of a home. the fire was reported after midnight ot a cottage on willard avenue. investigators say the crews put out the flames then found a body inside. neighbors say a man in his late 40s named brad lived there but investigators have not yet confirmed the identity of the victim. investigators say they're treating the home as a crime scene until foul play can be ruled out. another fire in san jose this morning destroy add portable building where a man was living. this fire broke out about 5:45 this morning on east san antonio
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street near 24th. investigators say the man lived inside the trailer managed to escape. san chose looking at ways to improve the city's response time to medical emergencies. the city council today vote today study a pilot program called squad car. it would create two-person crews to answer medical calls. as we recently reported, santa clara county withheld some funding from the fire department after it failed to meet contracted emergency response times. firefighter's union says breaking up the typical four-person crews could diminish fire fighting capabilities. san leandro police aare warning about a string of burglars. one of the victims tells us a man claiming to be from the water company came to the door and said he and his coworkers need today check the pipes. while she was checking faucets in the basement with a woman, two men stole money, jewelry and electronics. police say there have been three such incidents in the past month. poisoned meat balls left in places where dogs will find them
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are causing concerns among pet owners. warnings are posted in the twin peaks neighborhood where more than 20 tainted meat balls were found last friday. since then more tainted meat balls were found across town in the outer richmond neighborhood. just yesterday, tom's dog denver tried to eat a poisoned meat balls and now recovering. the vet helped her cough it up before she came too sick. >> they said it was strik 9, which is a deadly nervous system poison so i was really panicked. >> fears of a copy cat prompted police so collect clay-like balls found on a sidewalk. meantime the meat balls are being analyzed by the department's lab. dogs running wild at an east bay park, and some families say it's driving them away. the park is supposed to be off limits to dogs. visitors tell us no one is there to enforce that rule. ktvu's christian captain live in oakland's diamond district where some say the off-leash dogs are downright dangerous. christian. >> take a look at this sign here behind me. you can see it's faded, but you should be able to read dogs are
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prohibited here. we have seen about a dozen owners walk their dogs in and out of the park since this afternoon. now, some neighbors are saying those dogs are making this park dangerous for everyone else. >> off-leash dogs are a common site at william wood park, despite rules saying no dogs, dog owners say this is an ideal neighborhood park for their dogs to run and play. kevin singer says his two-year-old pit bull grumpy loves it here. >> i'm not harming anyone. i should be able to use the park if i want it, you know what i mean? >> but other neighbors say the dogs have gotten out of hand. peter wile and his wife run a day care that backs up to the park, and they say they've stopped taking the kids here. >> because the parents are nervous about us take, you know, infants or very young children down where there are dogs off leash. >> neighbors describe a series of clashes. in one instance they say a man was caught between as many as five dogs that were fighting. they say luckily that man was okay, but wile says the dogs
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don't even need to be aggressive to be dangerous. >> our neighbor across the street here had been run into by a dog and had one of his tendons partially torn, and he was just run into by a ram bunk shs friendly dog. >> neighbors say it's difficult to get police to issue citations because it's a relatively low priority, but the dogs have run off other park users, and the issue has reached a boiling point. dog owners say as long as they're responsible, they should be allowed to share the park. >> everybody should be responsible. you know what i mean? like, but he's a good dog. he doesn't make it hard on me. that's for sure. >> and you want to keep using this park? >> yeah. i am. >> neighbors say they'll be holding a meeting here at the park tomorrow night, 6:00 p.m., trying to hammer out some kind of a solution. oakland police will be here and the councilman says he intends on being here, as well. the coroner has confirmed
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that human remains discovered at the construction site of the new trans bay terminal in downtown san francisco are those of a native american. contractors made the discovery this morning 60 feet underground at the construction site beneath fremont street near mission. the native american heritage commission will appoint what's called a most likely descendent to help determine whether the remains will stay or be moved. in the meantime, archaeologists plan to study the site. contractors say that construction will not be affected. caltrans says nonstandard weld connections between road deck sections on the new bay bridge won't affect how the bridge holds up in an earthquake. in some cases, gaps between pieces of steel slightly exceed the code allowance. at a news conference today, caltrans said test results show bolts used to fasten earthquakes of shock absore bens to the eastern span deck held up will under attention. remember a year ago about a third of the initial batch of bolts broke when tightened. asiana airlines is facing a first-ever fieven against airlines for the response it provided after the sfo crash
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last year. u.s. regulators said today they're imposing a half million dollar fine on the airline for failing to provide prompt and generous assistance to victims' families. there were 291 people on board. three passengers ended up being killed. many others were injured. regulators say it took as long as five days to reach all the relatives. asiana told the associated press today that it provided extensive support and continues to do so. i just started screaming because i felt something. >> the victim of a stray bullet speaks on camera for the first time. her determination to make a full recovery and beat the odds. hundreds of thousands more vehicles are being added to a massive automotive recall. the defect is now linked to at least a dozen deaths. and talk about striking gold. how a routine dog walk turned into millions of dollars for one northern california couple.
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classes are set to resume tomorrow at skyline high school in oakland after another gas leak forced an evacuation of the skoochlt today's leak was the third gas leak here since last monday. in this case we were told a crew working on the heating system opened the wrong valve. that allowed gas to flow into an unused science lab about 9:30 this morning. that valve has now been permanently capped. a teenage girl struck by a stray bullet is speaking out for the first time about her ordeal. the story made headlines when it happened ten weeks ago, and tonight ktvu's rob ross asks her about being paralyze and had her determined effort to make a full recovery. >> i kind of didn't know instantly. >> dominique romero says through physical therapy and determination, she's able to move one leg this much. >> it's going to take time for me to build up walking around with the braces and walker. >> at the age of 19 years old she's permanently paralyzed from the waist down, but she knows she could have been killed.
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>> i'm glad i'm paralyzed rather than not here at all because that's how i really do see it. it went through my elbow, came out. >> for the first time on television, dominique described what happened the night she was struck by a stray bullet that flew into her house. >> it hit my side somewhere around here. that lodged into my spine. >> she was watching movie in a richmond home with a stepfather just before christmas when they heard gunfire outside as the two dove on the floor, dominique felt a sharp pain. >> i just started skreemg because i felt something. >> then something seemed wrong with her legs. >> felt like to me like they were going to sleep and, like they slowly filt from normal to going to sleep to, like, i just completely can't feel them. i was panicking pretty bad. i was like i can't feelly meg. >> days later in the hospital, doctors told her she will never walk again. sdwri am determined to still walk. >> by end of the year she hopes with the help of leg braces. dominique is recently moved out of richmond to get away from the
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violence to begin a new phase of life in a new apartment with her boyfriend in sacramento. she's received support from family and two online fundraisers dominique hopes to attend community college. >> by me being this condition, it shouldn't stop me or anybody else that's been the same boat that i am. they should still do what they want to do. >> in sacramento, rob ross ktvu channel 2 news. >> apple today issued a fix for a software flaw in desktop and laptop computers. the problem came to light a few days ago. involved macintosh computers using the osx mavericks operator's software. user accounts. on friday, the company issued a software update for iphone and ipads. general motors is expanding a recall that's already been linked to 13 deaths. the ignition switches move and shut down engines. the problem led to at least 31 crashes. now, gm is adding half a million vehicles to the recall. it brings the total number to
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1.3 million. the automaker says heavy key ring or bumpy road can turn the ignition switch to off. as a result front air bags may not work. for a complete list of the vehicles recalled go to our web site and look under "hot topics." tesla model s scored consumer votes for top vehicle. the second year a tesla received the honor. the electric cars aren't for everyone, though. they're pricey. con sunler reports say more than $89,000 for the model s it tested. the favorable report helps send shares up 14% today. on wall street the markets drifted lower today following unexpected decrease. nasdaq dropped 5. the future of the bitcoin is now in question after one of its biggest exchange web sites appears to have gone under. the exchange for the virtual currency went offline today. according to some reports, the exchange collapsed after
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secretly racking up catastrophic losses. the ceo resigned on sunday because bitcoin investors deposit their holdings in digital wallets at specific exchanges. the shut down is similar to the closing of a bank and, therefore, users cannot access their funds. it is the kind of luck most people only dream about. to find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. well, in this case, it was eight metal cans buried in the backyard filled with gold coins from the 1890s. the $20 coins are in near-perfect condition, as you can see. a young couple says they stimabled on the first can sticking out of the ground while they were out walk their dog fittingly in gold country. when they brought the coins to an expert, they were told they're worth as much as $10 million. >> there's over 70 different dates here represented, but some of these are the finest there is so it's so exciting to somebody like me, and it isn't just the coins. i mean, you know, i've done this for a long time. it's the story.
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>> the lucky husband and wife, who want to remain anonymous, plan to put about 90% of the collection up for sale on amazon. wow! well, it's not liquid gold, but some people are preparing to take full advantage of the coming rainstorms. ktvu's ken wayne explains why they have rolled out the barrels. >> it actually was surprising how fast they filled up. >> when this barrel filled up, then the overflow went into the second barrel. >> but denice robinson had her very own water supply at her home. >> within less than an hour, a light rain, they were full. >> she couldn't even use all the water she stored from the last storm and expects the upcoming rains to top off her four barrels in no time. >> we emptied it this week because we haven't had some rain, but we did it mostly in anticipation of the rain coming up. >> about 200 gallons worth of water free. >> while she tends her garden, her husband shops in pleasant hill for drought-resistant
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plants to kout down water consumption even more. >> the california native type of plants. you know, i just bought some lavenders. >> contra costa water officials will send someone to your house to look at ways of saving water. it could be through your irrigation or. >> we actually have a program where people can apply to replace their lawns, gain a garden and then also be paid per square foot that they replace. >> our meteorologist rosemary joins us now. we actually have a rain barrel in our backyard. it hasn't seen much action lately, but it's going to. >> it sure is. one and two storms come our way and the first one already in. take a look at the pacific satellite view. 800 miles offshore, but a little bit closer picking up a little bit of moisture. suk closer areas off the coast of ukiah here. these clouds helping to set the stage for a nice storm moving in by tomorrow. let's roll this through one more
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time. we get going tomorrow morning, and we're mainly dry. few scattered showers in the forecast as we get through 9:00, 10:00 or so. we're already into 5:00. this is when the brunt of the moisture is going to move through into the second half of the afternoon and just in time for the evening drive. plan on a very slick evening commute tomorrow. on the way out the door, thursday morning, a few scattered showers and then thursday looks mainly dry before the next system rolls in. storm no. 2 friday morning early on. the rain is already over us as we get going friday morning, and we will get another soaking on friday because here we are friday afternoon, and the rain is still falling. in addition to rain, we will have sierra snow, and we will have wind at times so expect the breezy conditions, especially along the coastline, but the first storm we could even see the possibility of thunderstorms move in wednesday evening. the second storm will also bring the possibility of thunderstorms, and when i say wind gusts of 45 miles, i'm talking in our hills as well as along the coastline. for the sierra, 2 feet of snow
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expected by the weekend, and a winter weather advisory that goes into place for tomorrow for the sierra along the west slope as well as the greater lake tahoe area. as we get going tomorrow morning, upper 40s to low 0s in the forecast. 49 for san rafael, 50 degrees san francisco, 51 hayward and 52 mountain view looking at 47 for livermore into the afternoon a lot cooler than what we have seen lately. temperatures in the 50s around san rafael as well as santa rosa. upper 50s in oakland. 60 degrees nor mountain view and 60 for san jose. low 60s for livermore. this afternoon anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees cooler than where we were just yesterday. so cooler today, cloudier today and breezy in some areas. a look at the extended forecast here with your bay area weekend always in view. the first storm will arrive tomorrow with the brunt of the moisture rolling in by the late afternoon, early evening hours. by thursday morning, a few lingering showers, and then we begin to dry out. thursday afternoon we'll be mainly dry.
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notice temperatures don't fluctuate a whole lot. we'll remain in the low 60s thursday, friday and into the weekend. friday the second storm arooifs, and it will be with us the entire day on friday lingering showers on saturday. by saturday night, we are clearing out, and we're partly cloudy and dry on sunday. gasia. >> rosemary, thank you. a construction truck hauling a portable bilgd overturned in fremont this morning. news chopper 2 flew over the scene and showed us the structure lying on its side of the road just before 10:00 a.m.. police say the truck driver was not injured, but three lanes of traffic were blocked by the accident, and that made it difficult to access interstate 880 until about noon. looking for all things disney on your apple device? soon there's going to be an app for that. the free download being offered. and the itchy condition now being linked to double selfie. keep in mind you can always get ktvu news on the go. download the ktvu news app, click the live icon and watch
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and computers. to sweeten the deal, disney is offering those who purchase the app a free copy of the incredibles. right now the app only works on apple products, but disney hopes to have one that will work with other device in the near future. facebook is retiring its e-mail service. the social media has alerted users that is a thing of the past. facebook says it will be redirecting e-mail to the primary e-mail address associated with the account. the popular cell phone selfies are being blamed for the up tick in a number of cases of head lice among teens. lice outbreaks are typically seen in grade schools because young children are more likely to make head to head contact than older stunts, but those who treat lice say they're now seeing a number of teenagers getting lice. that's because many teens are leeng their heads in together making it easy for lice to spread. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news.
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our coverage continues with the 10:00 news. tonight we find out if people are heeding the call to conserve did you recollect this drought and actually conserving water. we're always here for you at tmz is up next right here on tv 36. [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek. hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek. can she hang on to that spot? and she does! [ male announcer ] with the u-verse wireless receiver, your tv goes where you take it, allowing inspiration to follow. ♪
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>> today on tmz -- >> so now we know what happened with robin thicke. the decision wasn't his to end this marriage. it was hers. >> a sad situation because they've been together since teenagers, harvey. >> he shouldn't cheat on her. >> you don't know that happened. >> there's photographs of -- in the ass upper crevice. >> there's smoke up the butt in this one i admit. >> rihanna recentlyleall the way from colorado to drake's concert. in paris. he decided she wanted some meat so she gose to paris. >> specifically for drake? >> for meat. >> her birthday. she didn't spend it with drake. >> with her girlfriendless. >> at the surf and turf? >> yeah! >> general-for-lawre


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